"I" is truly a lonely word

Defeating the Monster Bitter – So full of pain Fear of going insane No one else to blame Conceal all the shame
On the edge – fall to fall My heart seemingly does stall Misery – my name does call He that I am – I do appall

Besieged – I battle hard as I might Complicated – wrong from right Ominous the day – the night My soul yearns to take flight
Times of yore I cannot sever A part of my persona – forever Obstacles – I must climb over Defeat the Monster – Will I never?
The above poem is one of several that was written during a dark period about 8 to 10 years ago.A time in my life when I was filled with anger, regret and pain.I had and have physical pain (I’m getting older, everything hurts.)But the pain I’m speaking of is “Heart Felt” – “Soulful” pain.The kind you have in the very core of your being.The kind of pain that causes you to make bad decisions.It doubles you over backward and makes you blind.Typically we (men) don’t cry or try to work through our pain.We – I had become accustomed to holding i…

Keep Your Hammer Clean

This past Saturday we completed a project for one of our neighbors.  It was late when we finished and I was tired.  So, the tools did not get a proper cleaning.  Some were sprayed off with water and others left in a bucket to soak.  Sunday; Church and a day of relaxing came and went.  The tools were still uncleaned in the garage.  Monday morning arrived and the tile cutting wet saw, trowels and other tools with dried mastic and thin set, starred me in the face.  As I set to work scrapping and cleaning I was reminded of something my Grandpa used to say to me. 
“John, you need to always keep your tools clean.”
He’d also through in a tag like; “Especially your hammer.”It wasn’t until many years later as an adult that I understood his double meaning in those phrases.Both of which were my very first lessons in work ethic and personal hygiene.
Continuing to work on cleaning my tools, I thought about other things I learned from my Grandpa.When I was just 18 months old, my older sister and I we…

Scheduled to Re-Open

For sometime I have been considering the new theme and format for my Blog/Web Site.  I believe that God is directing me in this project.  So; as I have stated before about sharing ones (my) writing (poetry, short stories, etc.) I know that I should share my Spiritual Journey as well.

I plan to incorporate several pages into the site as I did before.  This will include (but  not limited to)  Poetry, Short Stories, Photos, a Shopping Page and a Discussion Page.  As always, I welcome your input, ideas and critiques.

Beginning with my next entry I will be sharing with You how God has been healing me Spiritually, Mentally, Morally and Physically.