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Posted on Face Book July 2012:

While on Geni.com, checking recent and up-coming events, birthdays, anniversaries and such; I became curious about some of the Praters I’ve seen on Face Book.  Many of you live in and around Breathitt County and some a bit farther.  I am a very big advocate of connecting Family, one to another, regardless of how distant the connection.  That is not to say; we must be Best Friends or even Friends.  I just like to know how we are all (everyone) linked together, and find it very interesting.   

If you are interested as well, take a look at the list I have provided below.

My Grand-Pa: The Late Vincent Prater of Wilstacy, Breathitt County, Kentucky

His Siblings:  Ella Prater 1902, Bertha Prater-Clemons 1914, Mina Prater-Shepherd 1915, Viola Prater-Noble, Isabella Prater-Thorpe, Ervine Prater (wife Ina), Kelly Prater (wife Lydia), Arnes Prater, Isaac Prater (wife Stella Clemons)

I grew-up knowing a few of my Great Uncles and Aunts:  There are many great memories of hunting and fishing trips with Grand-pa, Kelly and Ike (Isaac), and some wonderful memories on my Sweet Great Aunts Mini (Mina) and Vi (Viola).

Sometimes as I recall those earlier days during my childhood up on South Fork, I become happy and yet a bit melancholy.
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