Hidden Society

Consider a society or culture where everyone is equally responsible one for the other. No one is hungry, everyone shares. No one is without shelter. Every able-body helps build adequate shelter for those that cannot. No one suffers from an illness without proper treatment. The local doctor treats first and never worries about payment. There is no need for multiple political representations. The laws, by, for and of the people are never misinterpreted nor do they become diluted by the wealth of a few. Crimes against a brother or sister are rare. Love and compassion are the corner stone of a person’s values. Depression, sadness and hopelessness are not in the language vocabulary. The prospect of viewing another sunrise, upholds enthusiasm, joy and the knowledge of many new possibilities.

You may take joy in this: There are such societies yet in existence. Sheltered from the wolves of prosperity, they flourish in secluded wonderfully beautiful places.

I beg of you! Do not seek them out for any reason. They need not the poison of capitalism, the confusion of politics or religion. Let them live in their ignorant bliss, free from the overwhelming cancers inflicted by the capitalistic world beyond the sunset.
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