Movie Mistakes

Car # 1 crashes into another car leaving a big dent on the right rear fender.  A few minutes later, car # 1 is shown without the dented fender.  Did the main character stop by a body shop sometime during the chase scene?

The list of obvious Movies Mistakes is endless.  Some however, can be more subtle and difficult to spot.  I used to have a bad habit of looking for mistakes in TV shows and Movies.  I had to force myself to ignore most and just enjoy the entertainment.

There is one mistake that I find I cannot ignore.  Each time I see it, I have an emotional reaction.  Depending upon where I am or who I may be with, I sometimes (most always) make a comment.  I’ve seen this mistake on various types of TV shows, even on major network channels.  Many movies, mostly low budget or ‘B’ movies will have this mistake in various forms.  It makes me wonder; not so much about the special advisors or consultants to the director.  I am simply appalled at ignorance of everyone on the production team to include actors.

So here it is:  There is a very specific and standard way that the Flag of the United States of America is to be presented, flown, positioned and honored.  Why, when hanging vertically on a wall in an office or on the side of a building is the field of blue and stars, facing to the right (the viewers right)?  It should be facing to the viewer’s left.  Why, when standing behind a desk or a public speaker is the Flag not on the correct side?  Again this would be the viewer’s left.  Why is a Flag Patch, when worn on a police, security, or other type of uniform, is the Flag facing the wrong way?  Regardless of which shoulder or breast the patch is attached, the field of blue and stars should be facing to the viewer’s left.

I belief you may get my point and will be looking for this embarrassing and dis-respectful Movie/TV Show Mistake.  I am embarrassed because, I can’t help think about what other Nations may be thinking when they see these mistakes. We, The United States of America boast about the Love and Respect we have for our Flag.  We write songs, poetry and display it at world sporting events for all to see.  Yet; we (generally speaking) have so very little knowledge about; Flag Etiquette and Standards of Respect.  On several occasions, I have considered writing letters or sending e-mails to Networks, Movie Directors and Producers.  Yet, I have neglected to do so.  Upon writing this blog, I may now be motivated to do just as I should.  I will inform those that display and or dis-respect the Flag that I and so many others have pledged, risked and given our lives for: 

“Please become educated on the proper way to display and show respect for this Nation’s Flag.:

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