An Analysis of the Song/Lyrics American Tune by: Paul Simon

Upon hearing this song (just recently), I immediately thought of Don Mclean’s American Pie.  The complete song gives me an empathetic view of how one man (person) might feel about where he (she) might fit into the scheme of things; the American Dream.

-          Paul begins by explaining the concept of self-awareness, critical judgment of others and the sadness of not knowing where you really belong.

-          Although there are many good times; he considers the idea of escaping from the chaos of rapid change.

-          Are Love, Peace, Compassion and the “Fifth Amendment” just a notion?

-          Aware of the foundation of our nation and our way of life.  He asks the question: Upon the stage of American growth, what has been the true roll of all the endeavors, accomplishments and sacrifices? 

-          Accepting that life continues regardless of losses, he hopes that he will be given the strength to put worldly unrest aside for just a time, and spend more time concentrating on self.

The song lyrics and melody take me to a place I have been and may now be.  I find that if one expends much energy and worry on the prearranged, the mind, body and soul may be poisoned.  Politics, Foreign Policy, War and Social Unrest can test one’s own principles.  I can agonize for the poor and disdained, for the willing sacrifice of Patriots.  I am able to rejoice in human charity and continue to stand firm in my Christian, Traditional and Philanthropic values.  Seemingly egotistical and inessential exploits and expenditures by my Government are not pondered.   At times, Angry, Frustrated and Saddened, I look inside my Heart.  There with-in is the truth of the role I have played, and will continue to play.  I know that I will pass from this world into the next in peace, and leave behind a legacy of Love, Family, Kindness and Sacrifice.  God willing…
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