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The Arizona Memorial - December 7, 1941

Sadly and reverently we remember this day in History, 7 Dec. 1941.I cannot say that the Attack on Pearl Harbor touches me more that it may touch you.I can say that I have a better understanding of the emotion associated with visiting the Arizona Memorial as I have visited it and stood upon the deck of the Memorial Structure more than most.Many of my former Shipmates and Friends chose and still choose today to re-enlist on the Memorial.Countless times I have witnessed Americans of all colors and creeds wipe a tear or two from their checks as they stood in the wreath chamber and observe the over 1,000 names of Marines and Sailors who died there; many of which are interrned there as well.Not once did I consider thinking or say aloud anything spiteful or derogatory about the ancestry of the people of that time in history.

On many occasions while visiting the memorial; I also witnessed many Japanese visitors, some WWII Veterans, others not, weep as they too toured the Arizona Memorial.

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My Dear Old Friend

This year I sent out a few cards to people I haven’t see in many years.I did it to let them know that, from time to time they are on my mind.
Today I received a Christmas card from one of those Old Friends.This Old Friend and I haven’t seen each other since College; that was over thirty-five years ago.Each time I’ve been back home to Eastern Kentucky, I always tried to catch-up with him.To my dismay, I missed seeing him each time. Actually, I missed out on seeing several friends that still reside in and around Jackson.Some are in neighboring counties close by, but I was still unable to see them either as well.
Opening the card, I noticed there was writing on each side.As I read I was shocked to find that his best friend, his wife had passed away.I immediately became sad and wished I could do something to console this Old Friend.I considered calling him and went so far as looking up his telephone number. I decided against it as I felt contacting him during the holidays would be too painf…