My Dear Old Friend

This year I sent out a few cards to people I haven’t see in many years.  I did it to let them know that, from time to time they are on my mind. 

Today I received a Christmas card from one of those Old Friends.  This Old Friend and I haven’t seen each other since College; that was over thirty-five years ago.    Each time I’ve been back home to Eastern Kentucky, I always tried to catch-up with him.  To my dismay, I missed seeing him each time.  Actually, I missed out on seeing several friends that still reside in and around Jackson.  Some are in neighboring counties close by, but I was still unable to see them either as well. 

Opening the card, I noticed there was writing on each side.  As I read I was shocked to find that his best friend, his wife had passed away.  I immediately became sad and wished I could do something to console this Old Friend.  I considered calling him and went so far as looking up his telephone number. I decided against it as I felt contacting him during the holidays would be too painful for him.  I can only imagine his pain and realize that anything I might say would fall short of comforting him. 

And so… I have decided I will wait until after the Holidays to contact him.  I hope that by then I will be able to carry-on a decent conversation with him.  But, on second thought, I may just write him a letter.  I usually put my foot in my mouth when having an impromptu conversation that needs a degree of sensitivity. 

Old Buddy, Old Friend - One of my Bests Pals… I am so, so deeply sorry for your lose, and can’t ever begin to imagine how you must feel this and all future Holiday Seasons.  May our Father in Heaven bless you and may Jesus our Savior comfort you in your pain.
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