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On Individuality

From the moment we step into the world of human interaction we are met with pre-ambles.Those set of customs required of each; a requisite of lessons to be learned.Conformity, Correctness, Sacrifice, Humility and Empathy become the corner-stones on which human interaction is predicated.And so…Within the immediate fraternity we, in our infancy of learned behaviors; un-consciously follow these set standards.Like mindedness and similarity of personality is the expected norm.

In later stages of social and personal growth, we are apt to become aware of self.A self that finds discrepancies in the idea of; e.g. conformity.Self-aware, we begin to question and even challenge the pre-established rules of social interaction.This acceptance or rejections of guidelines becomes to be known as Personality.This; Personality may be influenced by experiences or by interaction without the fraternity.Thus we are on a path to developing a specific personality type.
This developed Personality structured by ex…