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Social net-working sites are becoming and in some case, have become the main source of communication between Family and Friends.Fewer and fewer use the telephone as it was originally designed; for talking. It seems that any form of reunions and get together(s) even on a small scale are becoming a thing of the past.Face book for example is masquerading as the best way to share news and special events.

Recently a Dear Uncle passed.Today as I look back to that day, I am disappointed in myself.I did not make a consorted effort to attend the memorial service and funeral.Many times, I have commented that I wanted to take a road trip to visit him and other family members.Today as I write this; I wonder if I will follow through with the un-planned idea of taking a future road trip.

I hope I can find the strength within to make the sacrifices necessary to visit those people whom I hold dear. The Good Old Days