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A few weeks ago I asked my dear elder sister for some details about an incident in our early childhood.This specific incident occurred during a very unpleasant period in our young lives.Her response was one that caught me off guard.I had hoped for some details. As she is three years my senior, I knew that she must have some vivid memories.I was too young at the time and have none.Her reply was gentle, but firm and deliberate.She would not comment on the subject.She suggested I ask one of our Uncles. (I did and received the information I wanted.)This and all other sorrowful memories from my sister’s past are not a part of her present life.
It has now been several weeks since I asked her the question about the incident.At first I was a bit taken aback and hurt.Considering her point of view, I realized I had attempted to invade her present peaceful and joy filled life, by dredging up old bad memories.Immediately I became sad and was upset with myself for the hurt I had caused her.I apolog…