A few weeks ago I asked my dear elder sister for some details about an incident in our early childhood.  This specific incident occurred during a very unpleasant period in our young lives.  Her response was one that caught me off guard.  I had hoped for some details. As she is three years my senior, I knew that she must have some vivid memories.  I was too young at the time and have none.  Her reply was gentle, but firm and deliberate.  She would not comment on the subject.  She suggested I ask one of our Uncles. (I did and received the information I wanted.)  This and all other sorrowful memories from my sister’s past are not a part of her present life. 

It has now been several weeks since I asked her the question about the incident.  At first I was a bit taken aback and hurt.  Considering her point of view, I realized I had attempted to invade her present peaceful and joy filled life, by dredging up old bad memories.  Immediately I became sad and was upset with myself for the hurt I had caused her.  I apologized, but felt afterwards that a simple apology was not enough.

And so… I am hopeful that I too (as my Sister has done) can put aside the past.  Metaphorically, I have begun to put all those painful memories in a chest under lock and key.  The chest will be discarded to the deepest depths of the ocean.  Upon making the simple decision to put aside the painful past, I have noticed a change in my thought process.  I am hopeful for continued progress.  Returning to Church (worshiping my God) and attending a weekly Bible study group has also made a great impact on my well-being and thought process.  I will shift my focus to the here and now, enjoy the present and plan for a happier future.
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