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Facebook Account

Several days have passed (11-25-2013) since I made a rash decision.In a moment of personal distress I un-friended all my non-relative (Family) friends on my facebook account.The next day, I assigned my Baby Sister as the admin’ of the Prater Family page and assigned my Cousin Joy as the admin’ of the Paterno Family page.I then deactivated my facebook account.The very next day I deleted it.Today, I regret the rash and selfish decision I have made.At the time of my actions I did not consider the impact it may have on others.I only thought of myself and my reasons for doing so.

One of the symptoms of my mental disorder is to avoid conflict of any kind.Anything that may cause or causes conflict or disrupts the calm and simple life that I strive for; I usually avoid it or remove it from my life.This is what I did in this case, although I considered it to be a compromise and a sacrifice.Many of the Friends from my past, such as Junior High, High School and Junior College have reconnected wit…