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Several days have passed (11-25-2013) since I made a rash decision.  In a moment of personal distress I un-friended all my non-relative (Family) friends on my facebook account.  The next day, I assigned my Baby Sister as the admin’ of the Prater Family page and assigned my Cousin Joy as the admin’ of the Paterno Family page.  I then deactivated my facebook account.  The very next day I deleted it.  Today, I regret the rash and selfish decision I have made.  At the time of my actions I did not consider the impact it may have on others.  I only thought of myself and my reasons for doing so.    

One of the symptoms of my mental disorder is to avoid conflict of any kind.  Anything that may cause or causes conflict or disrupts the calm and simple life that I strive for; I usually avoid it or remove it from my life.  This is what I did in this case, although I considered it to be a compromise and a sacrifice.  Many of the Friends from my past, such as Junior High, High School and Junior College have reconnected with me and I with them.  Following and communicating with them has brought me much joy and a new found appreciation for the Friendship and Fellowship we once had.  Although, at times I have found myself slipping into a state of melancholy; it is a feeling that I consider natural and expected.  Following my Family on facebook is very important to me.  In the years past, I missed many great events and news.  Facebook has allowed me to become closer to my immediate Family and extended Family alike.  I have been able to seek out former Shipmates and Friends from a time very precious in my life.  Some would say that most facebook Friends are just that; not real Friends at all.  I feel differently about that.  Many of the people I have connected with; I call Friends.  Many are of Friendly Foreign Nations and Military Service.  It is a pleasure to follow their careers, exploits and significant life events.  I truly enjoy viewing the many photos of their Families, Military Operations, and vacations.  I find that we, as former and current Military, have much in common. 
As I write this; I am not sure how I must deal with the dilemma that I am faced with.  I am deeply troubled and disillusioned.   
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