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Thank You For Your Service

Today I had an appointment at VA Clinic.  While sitting there waiting, I noticed an older gentleman in a wheel chair pass by.  On the front of the chair there was sign.  The sigh read something to the effect:  WWII Vet, 93 years old.  I didn't read the rest.  There was no reason to.  I was soon called in to see the Doctor and passed by this Vet on my way in.  After finishing with the Doctor I exited the room into the waiting area. The Old WWII Vet was still there.  I then approached him with a smile on my face and reached out my hand say;  "Thank for your service."  He extended his hand and shook mine with strength and vigor.  As we spoke for just a moment, I was aware that his voice was strong and clear.  He was high spirited and happy.  I couldn't help but feel a bit ashamed.  I am more often than not, not very happy or cheerful.  I sometimes feel sorry for my self and 'am selfish.  I hide inside and avoid social interactions.  As I sat alone after our brief en…

The Next Day

Yesterday I posted one of my short-short stories on Facebook.The story is a non-fictional account of a small but significant chapter in my life.I was pleased to have so many great reviews and interested readers.Some however, were left wanting more.They felt the story had no ending.I, the writer, feel and felt at the time of the writing, there was and is no end to the story.

The story continued the following day:  (The Prelude 1973) The three boys were removed from the dungeon of a cell and taken up stairs.This cell was much larger and brighter.Breakfast was brought to the boys.Later on that morning, the three boys found themselves standing in the Judge’s Office.As I (now vaguely) recall; one of my Uncles was there as was the Fathers of the other two boys.I cannot speak for them, but I was scared.I was afraid that I had really screwed up my life.We were scolded by the Judge.He lectured us on the possible consequences of our actions.Before sending us home; he told us we could have avoide…