Thank You For Your Service

Today I had an appointment at VA Clinic.  While sitting there waiting, I noticed an older gentleman in a wheel chair pass by.  On the front of the chair there was sign.  The sigh read something to the effect:  WWII Vet, 93 years old.  I didn't read the rest.  There was no reason to.  I was soon called in to see the Doctor and passed by this Vet on my way in.  After finishing with the Doctor I exited the room into the waiting area. The Old WWII Vet was still there.  I then approached him with a smile on my face and reached out my hand say;  "Thank for your service."  He extended his hand and shook mine with strength and vigor.  As we spoke for just a moment, I was aware that his voice was strong and clear.  He was high spirited and happy.  I couldn't help but feel a bit ashamed.  I am more often than not, not very happy or cheerful.  I sometimes feel sorry for my self and 'am selfish.  I hide inside and avoid social interactions.  As I sat alone after our brief encounter, I thought about my Father, his service in WWII, and my Uncles who had also served during WWII, Korea and Vietnam.  I am honored to have met this WWII Vet today.  
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