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40th Class Reunion

I spoke with Bobbie Jean today. She is so excited about the Class Reunion, and her excitement boiled over onto me. She shared some sad news about Ole Friends, but some great news as well. I am looking forward to seeing Ole Friends and Classmates very much. I often think back about how shy and introverted I was as a young boy, and I wasn't much better as a teenager. I had my own small group of friends, mostly people from 205, Frozen and Vancleve. I guess I was guilty of ...following a 'click' as we used to say. Being on FB and seeing so many of you, where your lives have taken you, your good times, said times, struggles with bad health and illnesses - It touches me deeply to now, (after so many years) be a part of your life in photos, stories, birthdays, weddings and more. 

For me, this Reunion with Dear Friends, Family, and Classmates, is going to be an emotional event. Regardless of where we are at this time in our lives, I hope we can share a small part of it w…