A Friend on Facebook posted a photo that I thought was cool.  I clicked ‘Like’ and shared it.  For the next several minutes I clicked ‘Like’ on other posts by other Friends and Family.  There were of course, some posts that I didn’t like, nor did I share them.  Sometimes I make a comment, and sometimes I don’t.  That’s kind of typical for me. 
What do I mean, what am I saying, when I click ‘Like’ on a post?  Of course it really depends on the type of the post.  If it’s something about a special event; such as a birthday, new birth, wedding and so on, I am most likely saying: “Happy Birthday”- “Congratulations” or even – “Wish I was there.” 
If the post is regarding a sad moment in a Friend’s life, and I click ‘Like’, I’m not saying; “I’m glad you’re sad.”  I am saying; “I’m here for you.”  “I feel your pain.”  “I’m praying for you.” 

More simply however; when I click ‘Like’ on a post, I am saying:  “I saw your post.”
No one.  Me included, likes, dislikes, agrees or disagrees with everything that is posted.  I have my own taste of humor or music.  Some things I find inspiring and others depressing.  As a Christian, I tend to shun the vulgar.  My personal values or standards forbid me from clicking ‘Like’ on specific posts that I may find inappropriate with regard to:  Religion, Politics, Race, Ethnic Origin, Gender, Sexual Orientation and others.  Most of the time, I ignore a post I don’t like or don’t agree with, and move on.  I don’t write a two page contrasting opinion or worse, un-friend the person who posted it.  If I un-friended everyone who has ever posted something I didn’t like,  I’d have no Friends on Facebook and more than half of my Child-hood Friends and Family would never speak to me again.

So…  Why have I written this today?  Why have I stated the obvious and posted it here?  Maybe this is for me.  Maybe I needed to write these words and then read them.  Maybe I just need to be reminded of why, how and for what purpose I use Facebook. 
I will continue to ‘Like’ or not like your posts.  I will comment, or not comment.  I will continue to enjoy being a part of your life as you post photos, videos, news and stories.  I will laugh, cry, and pray, morn and even counsel with you. 
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