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At this moment I feel:  Ashamed, Confused, Pleasantly Surprised and Humbled.  Actually, the list of feelings / emotions I have gone through in the past few minutes before writing this, is endless.

Since the conception of this Blog and later Website, I have had concerns and frustrations about obtaining readers and or followers.  I have struggled with the format, layout, style and delivery of my material.  My hopes were to make my written material free and accessable to many people.  That remains my desire today.

So... To The Point:

As many of you may know, I have had much difficulty using GoogleBlogSpot.  Even after I obtained my domain name:  Johnvincentprater  I have continued to use this blog to publish my material.  Today, I happened upon a section titled; 'Comments' with subsections.  One of them was listed as 'Spam.'  When I clicked on 'Spam'  I found that I have 62 comments that I have never seen.  I have read some of them, not all.  I've tried to fin…