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A Day Early

This is how I started the last week of 2014:Knowing that I had an up-coming appointment at the VA Clinic for a CT Scan; I checked my calendar several times during the day on Sunday.Before going to bed I set my clock.My appointment was scheduled for 8:30am.After the morning routine of Dog duty, Coffee and Medications for Migdalia and my-self, I headed out the door.The usual 30 minute drive to the Clinic was only about 20 minutes.There was minimal traffic for a Monday morning.Arriving early, I walked up to the Radiology Department window and checked in. As the clerk looked for my name on the scheduled appointment list, I glanced at the calendar next to his desk.

“You’re not going to find my name on today’s schedule” I told him.“I’m a day early.”
After a moment of humor between the two of us, he called the Technician and asked if I could be fitted into the morning schedule for a CT Scan.The answer was; “No.”
The Clerk apologized.I gracefully accepted and remarked that I would return on Tues…