A Day Early

This is how I started the last week of 2014:  Knowing that I had an up-coming appointment at the VA Clinic for a CT Scan; I checked my calendar several times during the day on Sunday.  Before going to bed I set my clock.  My appointment was scheduled for 8:30am.  After the morning routine of Dog duty, Coffee and Medications for Migdalia and my-self, I headed out the door.  The usual 30 minute drive to the Clinic was only about 20 minutes.  There was minimal traffic for a Monday morning.  Arriving early, I walked up to the Radiology Department window and checked in.  As the clerk looked for my name on the scheduled appointment list, I glanced at the calendar next to his desk. 

“You’re not going to find my name on today’s schedule” I told him.  “I’m a day early.” 

After a moment of humor between the two of us, he called the Technician and asked if I could be fitted into the morning schedule for a CT Scan.  The answer was; “No.”

The Clerk apologized.  I gracefully accepted and remarked that I would return on Tuesday as scheduled.

So… My week has started with a few minutes of lost sleep, the un-necessary cost of gas and tolls and coffee stains on my jeans.  Also, the routine of sitting in the back yard with Mr. Coco drinking my coffee, was disrupted.  Worst of all, I missed some morning cuddle time with Migdalia.

What will tomorrow bring?
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