Family of Families

A few days ago I was browsing Facebook looking at new posts and photos.  While doing so, I was taken back to a happy time in my childhood by a photo of a very special Family from Eastern Kentucky.  I have very fond memories of this Family and made a comment indicating that I would return to the page-group and make a more appropriate tribute later in the week.  I contemplated for a few days, and then wrote and posted the below.  The comment really is not befitting the Landrum Family or the Back Family for that matter.  I could actually write a novel about the Family and Family of Families that I new and grew with for nearly a decade of my childhood.

This photo is from a group of Family Oldies that is on a cd my Brother Kenneth Prater gave me.

Martha Landrum Turner My sister Dovie holding the baby hands My brother Artus beside her next my aunt Josie boys Billy Ray , John Wayne, Charles Lee.  Middle row left to right Martha, sister Nadine,  Aunt Jean's girl, Collen.  Front row James Arthur and maybe my brother Luther. That is definitely Luther my brother!!!!  Not sure who the baby is. The older man is Ben Fugate.


Oct 19, 2015 - I was six years old the year we moved back to Breathitt County. It was early spring 1962. Our Father had married Hattie Mae Back (of the South Fork Back Family) two years earlier and now he was retiring from the US Marines. Immediately I found myself with dozens of Cousins. It was a very scary experience for me. I was a shy introverted kid. Once I became familiar with my new Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, I looked forward to our weekend visits. In this short bit of writing I can't go into a great deal of detail, but I will say this: I have many fond memories of Larkin, Ruth and all my wonderful Cousins. If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm not a blood relation. I'm, for lack of a better term, 'a Step-Cousin' as Hattie Mae Back-Prater is my Step-Mother. I'm so very grateful that the entire Back - (Fugate, Osborne and Landrum) Family accepted me then and continue to do so, to this day. There is much Love and admiration in My Heart for them.


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