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The heraldic composition has four complementing quadrants.Sea Power, as an essential element of national power, is symbolized by the silhouette of USS WORDEN in the center projecting its dual mission of antiair and antisubmarine warfare. The silhouette of the MONITOR symbolizes a historic event in the life of Rear Admiral John L. Worden, for whom the ship is named, Admiral Worden was the commanding officer of MONITOR during its famed engagement with CSS Virginia (MERRIMAC) in Hampton Roads, Virginia.The four stylized stars indicate that the DLG-18 and more recent CG-18 is the fourth ship so named. The colors of blue and gold, in addition to the associations they connote for naval personnel have a cogent meaning to students of heraldry.For “Gold;… betokens wisdom, justice, riches and elevation of mind; when joined with azure (they represent) a disposition to keep what one gets.” The ship’s motto “Id fiat WORDEN si” translates freely to mean, “Let WORDEN do it” and is ind…