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The Final Day...

Feb 10, 15 – On this, the final day; three very special men stand high atop Mount Kilimanjaro.From there, they can see the entire earth far below.The great plains of Africa stretch out before them to the north and west.Farther to the north lay Europe, Russia, China and the Asia’s.Westward across the Atlantic Ocean, North and South America’s.The Island Nations of the Caribbean and Antarctica farther to the south.To the east, across the Indian Ocean; Australia, New Zealand, The Solomon’s, The Marshall’s, Malaysia and the Philippines in the Great Pacific Ocean.Each man weeps as he walks the perimeter of the Mountain Rim, arms reaching towards Heaven.

After some time of weeping and praying, each man takes a seat on a rock near the other.Still, as time passes, no one speaks.The three; Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Muhammad - The Prophet of Islam and Gautama - The Buddha, sit quietly, looking into one another’s eyes.
On this final day; no man, no woman, no child walks the earth.
© John Vincent Pr…