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For several months now I have been contemplating on how not to use eBay as my source for selling my collectibles and junk.  Today; again I have opened a page here on my site titled, "The Trading Post."  I have many reasons for not wanting to use eBay any longer.  A few are:  The fees, the difficulty in getting your items viewed (for a small timer), the fees and did I mention; the fees.  I'm not out to get rich, by no means.  I just don't want to be forced to charge more for the item(s) or increase the shipping and handling costs, because of the fees.
So, here I am, attempting to make this work.  I know I'll be taking a chance that this will work without any sort of immediate payment system.  But, I'm willing to give it a try.  Both of us, You the customer and me will have to agree on an Old Country Term Called - The Honor System.

Please click on "The Trading Post" page link (to the right of this post) and review my plan and a few items I have poste…