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Life Everlasting - Psalms 23

The night is so black you wonder if you have gone blind.  The air is so still you have to remember to breathe.  The silence is so maddening; it reaches deep into your mind pulling at your soul.  The heat is so incredible you think you will die.  Die you may as you watch the green-white death streak across the earth in search of human flesh.  Your eyes strain to see in the darkness while visions of her flood your brain.  You fight the overwhelming urge to scream out, the pain of loneliness is so intense.  You are alone in a world of madness where lives are discarded and not considered for their true value.  You are young, but the only childhood you can remember is stuck so far back in your memories it is hard to recall them.  You fear not of dying; you fear of growing old.  Growing old without the pleasure of growing up in a normal atmosphere.  Then, your mind’s world is shattered as the sun throws it first rays of dawn upon your face.  You crouch deeper in your hole, holding tight to …

The Fourth

Where are your priorities today?
With God?
Or with...