Making Some Changes

I recently decided to change the name of my page to something more in line with my original Blog of 2007.  Also the name or theme of "Beyond the Horizon" is very popular.  Besides that; I want my page to be a reflection of my time at Dogwood Trail in Breathitt County, Kentucky and more.  By adding the preposition ‘Beyond’, I have prepared the reader to expect more.  More about the trails and roads I have followed since my time on Dogwood Trail.  And; so… as you follow my page, my Blog (website) and possibly purchase my book, I hope you will enjoy a stroll down Dogwood Trail and Beyond. 

I have also decided to make the page more readable and easier to navigate.  I will be trying different themes as I look for the most appropriate to represent my page.

I hope you will make comments and suggestions to help me along my way.  Thanks for being a follower and recommending others to follow.
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