The Bear, The Pie & The Tree

This is a story told to me by my Grandpa Vincent Prater , when I was a kid. He lived for many years up South Fork Road (Hwy 1098) in Breathitt County. The photo on the left is that property.

The story goes like this; My Grandma used to bake pies and put them in the open kitchen window to cool. But she would always have to make an extra one for a Big Ole Black Bear that lived up the holler. The Bear would smell the pies, come down out of the holler, grab one of the pies and run up a giant pine tree next to the house. He would sit there high up in the tree and enjoy his pie.

Finally, Grandpa decided he'd fix that Bear. So one day he went out into the yard and cut down that big pine tree. The next week Grandma made her pies and set them in the window to cool. This time Grandpa was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the Bear. He didn't have to wait very long before he saw the Bear making his way toward the house. Just like every other time, the Bear lumbered up to the window, grabbed a pie.  But this time he ran 30 feet straight up before it realized the tree was no longer there.  Got Ya’!


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