Mask or No Mask

The right thing to do during this COVID-19 crisis, is to wear a mask when in public locations. If you are going to be with in 6 feet of another person or persons, wear a mask.

I have committed to wearing a mask at all times when in public. I will continue to do so until this Country's Health Professional say that I should.

It is obvious that I cannot count on my current President to do the right thing. And, sadly many people are following his example.

So,,, do not approach me if you have decided to not wear a mask during this terrible pandemic. If I see your smiling, maskless face I will politely turn and walk in the other direction. Do not challenge me to confront you. Do not come with in the reach of my arm. I will protect myself from your foolish, selfish act.

Do the right thing. Wear a mask.


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