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Robbie Learns Something Very Important
 "A Warm Smile, Shows the World You Have a Warm Heart"

When you make others happy,
you’ll be happy.

The Begining

Robby was perched on a high branch of a Cherry Tree with his Mother and siblings. The tree was in the middle of the city park. Robby liked the sweet smell of the cherry blossoms. He took a deep breath and sighed. The morning sun felt very nice. It warmed him. High up in the sky he could see big, white, fluffy things. They looked a lot like the stuff his Mother had used to build their home in the tree. On the street below he could see many strange creatures. Some of them were moving very fast.

“They must be in a hurry,” he thought.

Then he saw one of the creatures sitting on a park bench. He wasn’t moving. Robby tilted his head and looked at the creature. The creature looked back a Robby and tilted his head.

Robby called out to the creature in his little voice. “What is your name?”

The creature tilted his head again and made a sound that Robby did not understand. Robby was annoyed.

He yelled as loud as he could. “My name is Robby, what’s your name?”

The strange creature still did not answer. He just tilted his head and smiled at Robby. Giving up, Robby turned to his Mother.

“Momma, what is that strange creature there on the bench? Why does he not answer me when I ask him his name? When I tilt my head, why does he mock me? Why does he stare at me? Why…

“Robby please slow down. Not so many questions at once.” His Mother exclaimed, with a smile in her voice.

“First.” She said, “The creature there on the bench is called Human. There are many of them. They are not like us and do not speak as we do. They look at us because it pleases them. They mean us no harm. We make them happy.”

She continued, making sure to answer all of Robby’s questions. “When you think they are mocking you, they are not. That is their way of showing us how much they enjoy our singing.

“Momma, when will I be able to get close to the Human? When will I be able to sing such pretty songs like you do? When will I…”

“Robby oh Robby, so many questions again.” She said lovingly.

“But Momma, I want to know everything.”

Again Robby’s Mother answered all of his questions.

“When you learn to fly you can go near the Human, but not too near. Some of them do not know how delicate we are, or how strong they are. We never let them touch us. I will teach you to fly and then, together we will get close to a Human. I will teach you to sing, and you will sing wonderful songs with a voice everyone can hear.

Robby was so excited he was jumping up and down on the branch, singing happily in his little voice. “Oh Momma! I can’t wait!” Robby was very happy that one day he was going to sing.

He was going to sing loud enough so that everyone could hear him. This was going to make Humans happy too.

But most of all, he was happy that he had such a great Mother. She always kept him and his brothers and sisters close to her. She made sure they were safe and had plenty to eat.

Plus, she answered all of his questions.

Now he knew with patience and practice he was going to fly and sing like his Mother.

Everyday Robby ate all of his food so he would get strong. He needed to be strong if he was going to fly. He practiced and practiced, singing louder with each passing day.

Robby was getting closer to achieving his goals. He was going to be the best flyer. The loudest singer and the best bird and friend he could be. He was going to make his Momma proud. Best of all, he was going to make many Humans very happy.

Not the End!!

Watch for more of Robbie's Adventures.

Note from the Author:  The Author feels strongly that it is the responsibility of Parents and Educators to teach and inspire their children. It is important to introduce and cultivate new thoughts and ideas. Children have questions, and need answers they can understand. Parents must be the most important person and the most significant role model in their young child’s life.

The Author hopes that you have enjoyed this little story with its simple lesson. Some adult readers may have found the story refreshing. Others may have found that it had a renewing effect on their current values. The hopes that; Everyone may have acquired a better understanding of their role in the lives of others; especially the little children.

© 2011 John Vincent Prater, All rights reserved

The Author gives blanket permission for the reproduction of this short story in any format desired. Please share it with other Parents and Teachers. Use it for the purpose of which it was created. “Teach the Little Children.”

Please; always remember to give appropriate credit to the Author.
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