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Love and Devotion

 To My Dear Migdalia;

My pretty little Puerto Rican flower, I planted you in my garden of hope and you pollinated my life with your love. Your sweet perfume filled my world with its aroma, holding my heart in a state of passion and desire. My garden of hope is now a garden of love.

Standing in the midst of my garden; tall and proud like a windward island palm, is a son as handsome and strong as the land of his heritage. His eyes hold the history of his people and within his heart the wisdom of his mother. At his side stands a brother with the complexion of a Mythical god and eyes that change with the tide. He has his father's strength and his mother's smile. In his hand is the hand of his sister.  Although she is but an infant, she shows her mother's beauty and the loveliness of an angle. No doubt she will blossom into a wondrous bundle of love and joy.
My garden of love is blessed by God, but you and I are its keepers. It shall never be in need of nourishment nor care as long as we both shall live.
                               Your Loving and Devoted Husband  (Written in 1983, after Jennifer was born)

For Your Love I Live
In your Love I am safe; in your faith I am warmed, from your heart I yield my strength.  Through your eyes I see my future.  Your tenderness sparks my passion into a flame, a flame that burns hotter than the hottest fire.  The electricity that flows through my blood, when our bodies are entwined in Love brings it to its boiling peak, overpowering me with desire.  No greater Love for a woman can exist.  A hundred years is but a day forever is too soon.  Nothing can explain how long my Love for you will last.  Everything is not enough; I must and will give more.  I know and believe that the Love we have is complete, and for your Love I live.

Send A Kiss
When the winds blow from the east,
with them they bring a song.
A Song of Love from the Heart,
with words of Love ever strong.

When the sun shines upon the earth,
it sends a warmth to yield a flower.
To quince its thirst and wet its leaves,
God sends a cool spring shower.

When in the still of night,
you hear my voice, this I pray,
you will put a finger to your lips,
and send a kiss my way.

Star Counting
When I stand all alone at night and gaze at the stars in the night sky, I try counting them.  When I see that count them I cannot for there are too many, I pray that our Love will last for as many years as there are stars.   And, that one-day we float up to the heavens to live amidst them forever.    

Mountain Dreamer (1982)
As the sun begins to rise, and the birds begin to sing,
see the beauty of the world, the sweetness that it brings.
Smelling the mountain flowers, watch the fish in a stream,
to love and be with her is your only dream.

Walking hand in hand in the cool April rain,
sharing with her a love that will always remain.
Pick her a flower, touching it to her face,
you show your love for her, in this beautiful place.
She is holding your hand in hers, smiling at you sweetly,
Pulling her body close, you kiss her very gently.
As you lay close together, looking up at the stars,
You listen to the Whipper-Will and think of lands afar.
Now the moon is high and bright, your dreams take command,
The things that you have dreamed for are now in your hand.

A Hand Full Of Love (1982)
As we sat together on the beach
I picked up a hand full of sand.
As I squeezed it the grains fell
From between my fingers.
I reached out and took your hand in mine
Holding it tight I looked into your eyes.
Looking back at me with a deep pure Love 
The hand I was holding squeezed back.
To The West
On the bow of his ship he stands,
the warm ocean breeze in his face.
While tears begin to fill his eyes,
he looks off into the vast space.

The setting sun catches his attention,
and he slowly turns to the west.
She is there, his loving wife and sons,
on the other side of the world, to the west.

Tonight as he thinks of her and her of him,
their love for each other is strong.
Their love grows with each passing day,
it will never fail through the time be long.

From day to day - month to month,
their love keeps on flowing.
Flowing through his blood - through his soul,
and the evidence is in his eyes - in his knowing...
                                                As the sun sets to the west.

My Love Truly My Love (14 February 2002)
My Love, to you I could give candy, cards, flowers and more, But truly My Love, I give to you my love forever and evermore.

My Love, to you I could say sweet words, words of promise and more, But truly My Love I say to you, my love forever and ever I give to you.

My Love, for you I could climb the highest mountain, swim the widest sea to bring my love to you, but truly My Love I bring my love home to you each day and everyday forever and evermore.

My Love, to you I could whisper secret desires for only you to hear, but truly My Love, my love for you I will shout for all to hear and only you will know the true desire in my heart..

My Love, receive my love and truly my love will fill your heart spilling over into your soul, your life, and truly my love will fill your world forever and evermore.

Food For Heart And Mind
To know real pain you must first know true Love.
To know real loneliness you must first have Shared.               
To feel the distance you must first have been Close.
To keep the sanity you must first know how to Cry. 

The rain falls steadily on the window-pain as we lay together in warmth and Love.  The thunderclaps and the lightening flashes, but I am deaf and blind to my surroundings.  My only focus is on your sweetness; your very essence is my only thought.

I Love You
On the first day I saw you,
I knew I would have to make you mine.
Eyes with a sparkle of pure Love,
and lips with a taste of cherry wine.

You gave your Love to me,
And I gave my Love to you.
you make it so easy,
to always be true.

Though there are times we are apart,
I can still feel your presence in my soul.
My dear you are here deep within my heart,
a warmth and fullness I will always hold.

Hold The Time (1982)
Time passes so slowly when you are not with me,
but when we are together time goes flying by.
I wish there was a way I could turn things around,
and stop the clock and hold the time, till time is no more.

When you are there and I am here;
you’re on my mind all through the day,
and when I finally make it home,
It’s time to leave again.

I miss the way you hold me close
and the way you smile at me.
When you say you Love me,
I know you mean forever.

I know I can never stop the clock or hold the time.
So I gather together all the happy moments of our
lives, and hold them in my heart.
In the beginning of time God created man and woman, to Love, Cherish and to protect each other from all harm.  Man is the strength, the provider, the hunter.  Woman is the reason for living, for giving his very best.  Together they grow and become as one, bringing new life into the world.  When obstacles befall them, they pool together their gifts from God and are able to over come all.


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